Caviar Club – unique collaboration of caviar producers and suppliers in Singapore. For this year Caviar Club proudly presented for clients three brands of sturgeon caviar - Russian Caviar House (Russia), Astrachan Caviar (Russia) and Blue Duna Caviar (Hungary). Each company glad to offer premium quality gourmet product. Come, try and choose your favorite!
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AMR Gеnеral Ptе Ltd

  AMR General Pte Ltd represents the products of the Russian company FB&RC Raskat LLC.
FB&RC Raskat LLC is located in the Narimanovsky district of the Astrakhan region, 45 km from Astrakhan (Russia). Produces granular caviar of sturgeon fishes and pressed caviar of sturgeon fishes.
The assortment of caviar products:
1. Beluga granular caviar
2. Russian sturgeon granular caviar
3. Sterlet granular caviar
4. Bester granular caviar
5. Pressed caviar of sturgeon fishes

Blue Duna

- Premium quality gourmet product
- original russian recipe from Tzar Era
- classic malossol, special edition for Singapore, Caviar from One Fish (by order)

Russian Caviar House Pte. Ltd

Russian Caviar House in Singapore based company representing biggest Russian caviar supplier. The Russian Caviar House has 35 years of history in producing best quality product for domestic and export markets. Company yearly production reached 28 tons of caviar.
We have started imports of caviar in Singapore according to strict international rules.  The products are packed at the factory in standard metal and glass jar with original covers. Anyone can sell caviar but only we sell authentic Russian caviar!
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